Cambridge Entomological Club, 1874

A Journal of Entomology

founded in 1874 by the Cambridge Entomological Club
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Managing Editor for Volume 103
Psyche Online

Psyche, Volume 101

Carl A. Olson.

A. Buschinger and R. D. Schumann.

David G. Furth, lngolf S. Askevold and Catherine N. Duckett.

Sean O'Donnell.

William P. MacKay and Emma E. MacKay.

Louis M. Roth.

A. Buschinger, R. D. Schumann and J. Heinze.

Susan Glueck.

Mohamed S. Mohamedsaid.

Kevin M. O'Neill.

Gabriella Chavarria.

Gabriela Chavarria.

Elizabeth Brosius.

David G. Furth.

S6ichi Yamane and Yosiaki Ito.

Keiichi Masuko.

Norman E. Woodley.

Shin-ichi Kudo.

Fred Punzo.

J. T. Longino and D.A. Hartley.

Ted R. Schultz.

Fuminori Ito.

William L. Brown, Jr.

Deborah C. Cole, Mark A. Elgar, and Mark S. Harvey.

Fred Punzo.

Fred Punzo.

Robert A. Johnson.

Volume 19 (1912)
Volume 100 (1993)
Volume 101 (1994)